Tessa Jansen - van Schoonhoven

support and advice for engineering teams
on non-engineering issues

For engineers and engineering teams who want to:
- effectively deal with deadlines
- position themselves in complex (project) environments
- share and gather essential information
- find their way in (and with) other cultures

Why would you need any help with that?

Most of the engineering teams that I have worked with, operate in a complex and sometimes international environment. They often have to deal with difficult situations, from tight project schedules to demanding costumers, from continuously changing circumstances to rigid partners.

Luckily there is always a lot of knowledge and problem solving ability available within a group of engineers. Furthermore, lots of companies have adopted a working method (like lean or scrum), that allows them to work structured and according to certain guidelines.

Unfortunately, this does not always mean that your group performs optimally. Sometimes the contents, knowledge of the work and the procedures agreed upon are just not enough. You need something more to get the most out of a team and deal with difficult situations effectively.

What I do?

I teach engineers and engineering teams how they can tackle these difficult situations themselves. Not by teaching ‘some trick’, but by finding tools and techniques that match with the people involved. In the end the team knows how to:
- assess situations that involve team-dynamics, interactions with others and intercultural influences
- exert their influence in tricky situations
- actually apply this knowledge and use the tools they have learned in practice

My approach is unique and tuned into the engineering practice, because of three things:
- I am trained as an engineer myself. I may have changed my trade, but not my way of thinking
- I have worked with engineers and engineering teams for the past 5 years, finetuning my approach along the way
- I don’t work with generalities or abstract concepts. I always work with the daily practice as a starting point AND as an end result.

How I work?

I start with day to day situations that pose obstacles in reaching the teams goals. I teach the group members how to assess these situation, themselves and the other parties involved. To help them truly understand what is happening and why team goals aren’t reached.

If they have gained overview of the situation, the solution almost always starts to presents itself. I help them explore and elaborate the solution(s), so the team is able to translate it to tangible actions. Actions that match their personal preferences and are therefore easy to execute.

I dare the team to test their findings and ideas in their own day to day practice, so they learn by trial and error. This is a method that is not only accessible and fun for most engineers, but it also leads to an actual change in behavior.

If you are interested to learn more about what I do, please contact me at info@tessajansen.eu or + 33 6 43 37 58 70.

Who am I?

I – Tessa Jansen – van Schoonhoven – started out as a chemical engineer. And although I loved the practical problem solving I did every day, I also encountered issues I could not quit grasp. I needed more than ‘just’ my engineering skills to really understand these situations and solve them. This stirred my curiosity, which drove my career from that point onward.

Via projectmanagement and communications I found my way to (team)coaching and training. And in this field I found a lot of the answers that I was looking for. I decided to stick to this and I started my own company in 2011 in the Netherlands. Since then I teach what I have learned to other engineers / engineering teams and help them find their way and reach their full potential.

Since I moved to France (Paris - region) I have broadened my workfield. I use my recent experiences to guide (international) teams in dealing with intercultural issues.